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Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation

We manage your paid advertising channels and create detailed funnels to capture more leads for your business

Pay Per Lead

Risk-free model. You only pay one fee for each qualified lead we send to your business

Cold Email Outreach

We conduct B2B e-mail campaigns where we promote your product / service

Google Map Leads

Get ranked 1st on the Google Map Pack and get more leads than your competition


Lead Generation FAQs

Do you have any questions about lead generation or about our services? Talk to us via chat or send us an email.

What is a Lead?

A lead is someone who expresses an interest in your service or product. In other words, a potential customer. Very simple right? Any customer who has already purchased your product or service was at an early stage a lead hence it is essential to have a strategy that specializes in acquiring new leads.

How Does a Lead Generation Company Work?

Although we can not speak on behalf of other companies other than TBMedia, we can say that each of our clients is unique. After we get to know your company better and analyse the market and competition, our team will create a strategic plan with the goal of bringing a constant flow of potential customers to your company.

How We Generate Leads?

Each market has its characteristics, so at TBMedia we create tailor-made strategies to bring maximum ROI to our customers. Our methods include Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, sales funnels creation, cold email for b2b, ranking of Google Map Pack, among others.

Why Do I Need Leads For My Business?

The answer is easy: If you think that your business can still grow, that you need more customers or sell more products then you need to generate more leads.


Lead Generation

Would you like to have a steady stream of leads falling into your database? At TBMedia we create sales funnels that allow you to optimize your paid advertising investment.

We analyse and create the most suitable sales funnel for your business
We set up and managed your paid advertising channels (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc …)
We automate the process so that you get consistent leads everyday


Do you not have the time to think about getting more leads for your business or need an extra stream of potential customers?

Here at TBMedia we deal with everything from the funnel creation to acquiring leads through multiple channels.

This is a risk-free model as you only pay a fee for each lead that TBMedia brings you. All leads go through a quality system where only those that really matter to your business count.

Contact us or fill out our form so we can analyse if your company qualifies for this service
Get a market report and find out how many leads you can receive and at which cost
Sit down and see the leads entering your database. Focus on what really matters: grow your business. Leave the rest to us

Email Outreach

Do you have a B2B product or service? Would you like to reach out to several companies that might be interested?

In this model our team of professionals conducts large-scale email campaigns to get B2B leads in a consistent manner.

We collect data about your product / service and analyse potential markets to reach out
We create an email copy that converts your product / service and activate email campaigns for the target market
Sit down and start seeing your inbox getting contacts from potential customers. Then just pass these contacts on to your sales team and close deals

Google Map Leads

Did you know that when looking for a local business the first thing that appears on Google is the Google Maps section?

This is an undervalued channel that many people do not give importance, however it is one of the searching features used the most by users looking for services or local businesses, especially on mobile. Well having your business on the first place of Google Map Pack will lead to more views and consequently … more leads!

At TBMedia we have created a super effective strategy that allows us to rank in this section and bring our customers tons of leads in a consistent way.

We analyse the competition and set up our Google Map ranking strategy
We rank your business on the Google Map Pack and track all leads from that channel.
Sit down and watch your company outgrow the competition. Whenever someone searches for your product/service in your zone your business will appear first than everyone else.

Customers Feedback & Video Case Studies

Transparency is one of the values that we follow strictly at TBMedia. See some of the results we've had or are generating for our customers!

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