Instagram is one of the most important marketing platform on the planet.

200 million Instagram users visit at least one business a day. There are over 500 billion people using it daily. 1/3 of the most viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses. 75% of U.S. businesses will use Instagram in 2020.

Do we have your attention?

With a social platform that is so powerful, how are you utilizing it? Are you wasting precious views by missing out on ways you can optimize your profile for lead generation? Instagram is the hidden dragon of generating leads. It’s time to learn how to slay it.

We are going to cover five Instagram lead generation tactics that are easy to do and you can incorporate today.


1 | Instagram Profile Optimization


Have you ever judged a book by its’ cover? It’s okay, we have too.

Your Instagram profile is your one chance to reel those leads in, simply by format alone. Is your account set up for business? That’s the first step. Set up your business profile and be sure to link it to your Facebook business account.

Once you are linked up, it’s time to create the cover that will generate qualified leads simply by making it pretty. Your profile should include a high-quality photo of you or your logo. No need to put something else up there that makes no sense. Nike would put the swoosh, so be sure that your brand is visible.

Your profile dashboard gives you a limited amount of characters, so each one counts! Include your business name, tagline, product/service, and a link to your website. It’s amazing how many people miss out on that one! Include them in a fun way – perhaps an emoji or two? Get creative!


2 | Influencer Shoutouts


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Influencers are the kings and queens of Instagram. Partnering with the right influencers is your goal.

Reaching out to emerging influencers is the key to quality partnerships. If you were to reach out to Elon Musk, do you think he would respond? He might! But you would be better off checking out influencers that are humbly getting going. Shoot for people with followers between 3,000-10,000 and avoid the official blue icon.

Before you even think about asking them for a favor (IE: shoutout) you will need to build a relationship with them! Before you’re going to ask if they can feature you (or vice versa) you will need to show them that you support them by following them, engaging them with positive comments, sharing their work, tagging others on their posts and genuinely caring about what they do. Disclaimer: this may take more than a few weeks. Worth it.

Once you have built a beautiful relationship, send them a message that you will be featuring them. Let them know you respect them and would love to highlight their talent. Tag them in your posts, both in the comments section and in the photo image. Be sure to use their hashtags and even tag a few friends who would appreciate it!

Building lasting relationships on instagram will build trust, which builds instagram leads.



3 | The Power of Hashtags 

This may sound silly, but we do have to remind ourselves to be human on Instagram these days!

Using marketing automation to generate Instagram leads is quite alright and encouraged because you will need to plan a content strategy. However, you can get lost in the mix of saying the same thing over and over…and over. Each post should be highly personalized, unique to the image and tagging the right people, places and things.

Your use of #hashtags needs to be perfect these days to get the right audience and build trust. Instagram lead generation is not about “hashtagging” every single thing you see. It’s about choosing the right hashtags. The sweet spot for hashtags in 2019 is seven. Shoot for the best seven keywords AKA hashtags and tag away!

Instagram now allows you to follow trending hashtags, so this can be very powerful too! Find a unique hashtag that best suits you (and no one else is using it) and use it on a regular basis. See if it gains traction!

Don’t be shy to ask your friends and family to follow your hashtag and use it when mentioning you, after all, sharing is caring.


4 | A Story is Worth a Thousand Views

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You may already know this, but video is the king of Instagram right now! You had better get your camera ready because stories are the way to build instagram leads.

Shoot a hand-held personal video of yourself, in good lighting, with good sound quality and see how many views you get! Share the stories more than once, if it’s evergreen content. Disclaimer: the more stories you post, the more your views will grow. People love consistency.

Your stories are a direct representation of your brand. However, it’s important to share other people’s stories as well. In fact, it’s encouraged! By lifting up others, your audience will see that you are not all about promoting yourself all of the time. It’s important to showcase who you admire, respect and support.

How many stories is too much? The real question is…how much time do you have to dedicate to it?



5 | Comments that Generate Instagram Leads

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Have you ever posted a picture on Instagram and some random company writes something that has nothing to do with it in the comments? Sometimes it is quite comical!

Instagram is a relationship builder, which is why they incorporated comments. Let’s not abuse that. The importance of commenting on Instagram posts as a real human being is imperative for lead generation. Be supportive, positive and add value to the post.

The easiest way to start a conversation is to ask a question. Be sure it’s a question that makes sense to the post! Encourage them to answer and continue the conversation without even introducing yourself. They can look up your profile and see what you are all about. Jackpot!

Engaging in conversation then could lead to a direct message. That could lead to interest. That could lead to a sale. Be honest with your comments! Generating leads on Instagram is about being a real human being. This is going to take time and energy. Be invested in your followers!

Try these five tactics for generating leads on Instagram and let us know how it goes! We hope you have so many new leads coming in the door that you feel the need to share this with all of your friends. 

See you on Instagram!